THE MAESTRO OF THE PLANETARIUM: A Special Tribute to Dr. Dionysios Simopoulos, Director Emeritus of the Eugenides Planetarium • Eugenides Foundation © 2015
Original Music • Mix

Made for the event in honour of the Eugenides Planetarium’s Director Emeritus Dionysios Simopoulos that was held at the Eugenides Foundation in Athens, Greece in April 2015

Compilation Video | 5′ | HD | 2015
Directed by P.D. Simopoulos
Edited by Kostas Haralambous & P.D. Simopoulos
Music & Mix by Anastasios C. Katsaris
Footage provided by the Eugenides Foundation
Opening Title Illustrator: Yannis Stilos
Opening Title Compositor: Ioannis Vamvakas
Produced by Kostas Haralambous
Production Company: H2O
Client: Eugenides Foundation © 2015

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