Penelope Tzanetaki: ARC EN CIEL • Release Date: 21/11/2017
Penelope Tzanetaki (191061602194)© 2017

The debut album of Penelope Tzanetaki includes her original compositions and a cover of a popular Greek song • It is a jazz view of various styles, a color palette of feelings in a jazz prism • “Arc En Ciel” is about all the images, the thoughts, the feelings we experience and carry with us during our life journey that make us who we are today

Vocals • Compositions • Arrangements • Keys: Penelope Tzanetaki
Piano: Sami Amiris, Alexander Orfanos
Sax: Adonis Ladopoulos
Fretless, Electric & Upright Bass: Manos Loutas
Drums & Percussions: George Polyhronakos

Special Guests
Vibes: Christos Rafalides
Guitar: Giannis Loukatos and Nikos Terzakis
Ewi: Anastasios C. Katsaris

Mixing Engineer: Anastasios C. Katsaris
Mastering Engineer: Don Grossinger
Graphic Designer: Manolis Panagiotakis
The Painting of the cover was created by Eleni Tsilili

Penelope Tzanetaki© 2017