NEWTON: THE FORCE OF GOD • Eugenides Foundation © 2016
Music • Sound Mixing

Isaac Newton was born in 1642, amidst the flames of the English Civil War • He was the one who would unite Heavens and Earth • A natural philosopher, mathematician, theologian and alchemist, with inexhaustible patience and persistence, Newton was seeking throughout his entire life how God’s Design was imprinted in nature • Forged in a hard childhood, defiant and unbowed, confrontational, a loner, an endless source of inspiration and creativity, Newton sealed with his work the entire 18th century

Directed by Panos Anestis
Written by Dimitris Petakos, Panos Anestis & Lida Arnellou
Konstantinos Lagkos
 • Sissy Doutsiou • 
Konstantinos Karvouniaris
 • Katerina Tsavalou
 • Sotiris Tsakomidis
 • Manos Karatzogiannis •
 Michalis Tamboukas
 • Konstantinos Papakonstantinou
 • Adonis Vlisidis
Narrated by Dimitris Petakos
VFX/Creative Direction: Vagelis Kokkalis
Music by Anastasios C. Katsaris
Cinematography by Vasilis Stavropoulos
Edited by Vagelis Kokkalis
Sound Recordist: Stergios Milios
Sets & Costumes: Ioanna Katsiavou
Make Up by Elli Kriara
Hair Styling by Stella Louisa Athanasopoulou
Production Assistants: Dimitris Katsimiris, Daphne Arnellou & Anna Maria Triantafyllidi
Sound Mixing by Anastasios C. Katsaris
Sound Designer: Antonia Vlachou
Roto Artist: Panos Tzavaras Levedopoulos
Scientific Editing: Dimitris Kilakos
Production Design & Management: Vassilis Papakonstantinou, Panos Anestis & Lida Arnellou
Special Thanks to Pallas Theater
Produced by Eugenides Foundation © 2016

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